Galleries, folders, copy account, link accounts and more

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Galleries, folders, copy account, link accounts and more
I've just uploaded a new update which includes some major changes:
* Galleries, you can now create galleries which contain multiple images.
* Folders, folders can contain one or more images and can be used to categorize your image collection. Folders can also made "Public", the images in a public folder can be viewed by your users.
* Your users can copy images to their own folders (you can enabled this using the site settings option "Students may copy images to folders
* Registration has been made easier with the site settings option "For registration existing accounts can be copied ". When a user that has a account on another cozyuni site tries to register on another site he will see the option to copy the account. Handy no need to enter registration information anymore.
* Users can now link all cozyuni accounts they have. This for example can be usefull to synchronize profile changes.
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