And yet again another update

Twan 34 pts

And yet again another update
For your information i've just uploaded a new update, this update includes the following:
* Specific pages can now be excluded from search result ("Show page in search results" )
* Specific pages can now be hidden from the timeline ("Show page on timeline" )
* New home widget: Search
* Favicon specified in Branding section is now used in dashboard.
* Knowledge base articles now appear in timeline.
* Search box in header on frontend (this can be disabled, see Style > Header)
* Hints now links to articles on
* Form submissions can now be displayed on front end. (disabled by default). A new field type is added: Private. This allows the user that submits form to specify if his submission may appear on the front end.
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Twan 34 pts

RE: And yet again another update
* New option to hide empty fields for form public submissions page "Hide empty fields on public submissions"
* You can now specific per field if the field should be hidden from the public submissions page: "Hide from public submissions".
* The Timeline home widget now displays knowledge base articles.
* Site settings page in Dashboard has been redesigned.

And last but not least: a few minor fixes and tweaks.
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