Below is a list of demo subscriptions. Subscriptions can be one or more months. Subscriptions can also have a specific type, for example different levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold etc. (you can define these types in the Dashboard)

Important: these are demo subscriptions, don't go and buy them, they are just here to demonstrate the subscription features of a CozyUni site.

If you have a PayPal sandbox buyers account you can test the subscription features, just pick a subscription, click the "start payment procedure" link and pay with your paypal sandbox buyer account. But heck if you are that experienced just signup for a Principal account and experiment with your own site.

One month; Silver level

months 1
amount 2.50 USD

Just one month, nothing more, nothing less

Three months; Silver level

months 3
amount 7.00 USD

Three months this time at Silver level.

Three month; Gold level

months 3
amount 10.00 USD

Three month subscription, gold level this time.

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