Build a support site using CozyUni

CozyUni is quite flexible and because of that can be used for many many things.

For example: many users use (abuse wink ) this project to create support sites for their products or services. This is allowed by CozyUni and is legal. This little guide explains how to create your own support site.

First you need a Principal account, surf to the Frontpage and create a free account, here's a shortcut directly to the registration form:

Once you have registered you will receive a email, click the link in this email to confirm your account. Now you can login. After logging in you are in the CozyUni Dashboard. You will spend most of your time here when creating/changing your site.

The first step is to create a Site. Simply click "Sites" in the left hand menu and click the "Add" button. Fill out the form and click the "Add" button to create your site. Note the little hints at the bottom of most pages, they offer you help. If you need more help please surf to the Support Forums.

Now you have created your first site, in the site list you will see a column "Dashboard url". Click the link in the column to navigate to your personal dashboard which uses the url of your site. Handy! You need to relogin though (mostly for security reasons).

Once you have logged in again: let's create a support forum, also called a discussion board. This is a place where your users can ask questions and you or other community members can answer them:
  1. Click "Forums" in left hand menu.
  2. "Add" button
  3. Fill out the form, use "support" in the "Folder" field.
  4. Submit form by clicking the "Add" button.
  5. Forum created! Click the big green "Manage" button to start managing your forum.
  6. Forums can have one or more subforums, you can for example create a "Question" subforum for questions and a "Bugs" subforum for those terrible bugs.
  7. Click the "Add" button to create a new subforum
  8. Fill out the form fields and click the "Add" button to submit the form.
  9. Your subforum has been created!
You can view the things you create by clicking the "Preview" button in every row of the table. Lets click the preview button of the subforum you just created. A new browser window will open and display the topics in your subforum. There aren't any yet, so it's quite empty.

Feel free to create a new topic by clicking the "New topic" button and have fun with your newly created forum.

Of course a support forum is only the beginning, there are a lot more tools CozyUni offer for support related sites:
  • Knowledge bases (see the "Knowledge bases" menu item on the left hand site in the Dashboard)
  • Forms
  • Books
  • Webinars
  • Mailing lists
  • Polls
  • etc smile

Remember you click click an try anything in the dashboard without doing much harm.
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