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Folder, video and misc. improvements

Just a small update this time, it includes: * Folders menu item now links to folders instead of awards. * When adding menu items/attachments all form fields are sorted correctly. * Current embed selection (on images page) is saved. * While installing[...]

date25-04-2019 11:37

Galleries, folders, copy account, link accounts and more

I've just uploaded a new update which includes some major changes: * Galleries, you can now create galleries which contain multiple images. * Folders, folders can contain one or more images and can be used to categorize your image collection. Folders[...]

date05-04-2019 09:56

The Pricing update

Last weekend i implemented pricing. This was needed to cover the cost of servers needed to run this project. At CozyUni we believe in honest and fair pricing, which means that you don't pay anything until you start making good money. At the point of writing[...]

date05-03-2019 15:08

The front end theme updated

Today I've fine tuned to default front end theme. The old one looked old school, with boxes and lines everywhere. I removed most lines and tried to make it look more clean. * Because of this a lot of new style options have been added to the "Style" section[...]

date18-02-2019 15:21

A BIG behind the scene update

This week i did change/rewrite a lot of code. Your CozyUni sites should be functioning as normal. But if you see something strange or something isn't working please post a reply. Last weekend i did rewrite most of the text on the frontpage. I hope it[...]

date08-02-2019 14:40

The BIG shop update

It took quite a long time, but CozyUni now allows you to create your own online shop. It is simple, just go to your Dashboard and click the "Shops" item in the left side navigation. The shop features include: * One or more shops * Products (duh!) * Product[...]

date29-01-2019 13:11

Updating on Sunday morning

It doesn't happen often, but i'm updating on Sunday morning, mainly because i didn't had much time yesterday and also because it is bad weather here. * images with large dimensions are now resize automatically on the forums. * a few small tweaks and fine[...]

date13-01-2019 09:38

A small update this time

I've been quite busy fine tuning ChartBison so it is just a small update today: * subscription becomes active without logout/login. * smileys disabled in forum posts with code bbcode. * api (currently private) to get news from forum on frontpage. * a[...]

date11-01-2019 13:25

News of 28 december 2018

It has been a bit quiet with the news, mainly because of Christmas and related things. But i manage to find some time and upload an update. In this update: * The previous solution to remove "redirectTo" parameter caused side effects, fixed. * You can[...]

date28-12-2018 13:10

Saturday 22 December 2018

* front page screenshots now appear in 'lightbox' * you can now auto add courses when student registers * changing a book page which is a assignment now works * added next & previous buttons on the assignment change form * a few small fixes & optimizations[...]

date22-12-2018 11:04

News of friday, december 21, 2018

The following changes were made to this project: * Added dashboard screenshots to the frontpage. * Added text and few sections to the frontpage. * Corrected 404 handling. * You can now add assignments as book items to books. * The webinar and chat server[...]

date21-12-2018 12:29

Major and minor problems fixed

Today a few major and minor problems were fixed: - new menu item settings: show when logged in, show when logged out - better mail headers - logout now redirects to correct page (no session expired message anymore) - students can login again (whoops!)[...]

date20-12-2018 11:20

Even more news!

I managed to do a bit more today. Here is a list of changes and fixes that were in the afternoon update: * mobile optimizations * re layout a few dashboard forms * you can now disable certain pages, for example the offers list (see "disable pages" in[...]

date19-12-2018 16:06

News 19 dec. 2018

A few fixes and additions: * linking to full image of uploaded image * fixed home widget header/footer * recent news is not on frontpage * "show when logged in/out" options for box * commenting is now possible on polls * form featured image support *[...]

date19-12-2018 09:22

News 18 dec 2018

I fixed and added a few things: * fixed login error while site was in maintenance mode * add beta tag to logo * you can now redirect the Home page * menu colors are now customizable (see Style section, Css tab) * search is working again * "Hide when not[...]

date18-12-2018 14:31
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